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Welcome to EvrSett English Setters!  


Our family has been breeding, showing, and hunting English Setters for over 25 years.


Why is the "CH" in front of our dogs names so important?
At EvrSett we strive for all our puppies to be sound in mind and body.  Our first priority is to ensure a temperament true to the breed.  As stated in the AKC standard, an English Setter is to be "gentle, affectionate, friendly, without shyness, fear or viciousness."  Assuredly, structural correctness is also a top priority.  This includes correct movement, bone structure, and angulations as determined by the breed standard.  English Setters were bred for function, and the breed standard aims to preserve the function and high quality that this breed requires.

Our Setters

Check out the 'Our Setters' page to meet our current champions of record, up and comings, field companions, retired couch potatoes and legacies.


Oh the fun and carefree life of a puppy!  Check out the Puppy Page to hear about any upcoming or planned litters.

Get Involved

At EvrSett, we want you to be involved with your dog.  They are family.  Just like your family, they like to explore the world with you.  Consider showing in conformation, obedience, agility, hunting or therapy work with your EvrSett pup!  It will bring you closer together and make your bond that much stronger.

Pedigree of Legacy

News - Oct 2023

We got to travel close to home (my home at least!) in October to Asheville, NC for the ESAA National specialty.  It was so much fun with over 200 English Setters sporting their spots and showing off in the ring.  

Highlights include watching the kiddos in Juniors and Pop and Dilly placing 1 and 2 in their Maturity Sweepstakes class.  Streaker also made the cut in the Best of Breed ring and with 60 other champions there, that was a huge deal for us!

We got to do some exploring as well, we did a little hiking along the Blueridge Parkway. 


We utilize tools such as BAER testing for deafness, OFA certification for hip and elbow dysplasia, and thyroid testing to identify individual health concerns and exclude these individuals from our breeding program if warranted. 


Our goal is, and always will be, the total health of the dog.  As we continue to actively research all potential genetic and environmentally linked concerns to the health of our dogs, we also understand some things just cannot be predicted or prevented.  
All of our setters are registered with the American Kennel Club, and we are proud members of the English Setter Association of America and the Minnesota English Setter Club.  We abide by all guidelines set forth by these clubs for responsible breeders.

News - August 2023

Show Results-

Ohio Buckeye Specialty-

Poppy- Winners bitch for 4pt Major!

KMESC Specialty-

Poppy- Winners Bitch/BOW/Best Bred-By!

Bolt- Select Dog BOTH Saturday and Sunday!

News - Fall/Winter 2022-23

Lynn and the family moved to Tennessee!  Don't worry, we still have our basecamp in Wisconsin!

Honey finished her Championship in September!  YAY! It was definitely a great way to end the summer.

Gladys and Lynn and the kids ventured to the National in Virginia Beach at the end of October.  It was fantastic weather, and despite the dead battery on the car, we had an excellent time!  Henry won some pretty cool ribbons from Juniors!

We had some heartbreaking news when we lost Fiona unexpectedly in early 2023.

Inara, EvrSett Forever Firefly, BCAT recently obtained her SPOT (obedience award).  Congrats to her and her owners, Laura and Dalen!

News - Sept 2022

Summer show season update-

Well, due to unforseen circumstances (my family and I, Lynn) will be relocating from MN to TN.  We are waiting for our little hobby farm to sell and then will be joining my husband in the Knoxville area!  Due to the weirdness of this we did not get to many dog shows at all this summer! 

However, we did manage to make it to the Minnesota English Setter club where Honey won her bred by class at the Friday show and her sister, Inara -EvrSett Forever Firefly- was Winners Bitch on Sunday for a 3 point major!!  

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