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Puppy Palooza

Because everyone needs a puppy

We are SO excited to announce our litter for spring! We welcomed 5 little cuties on April 26; 2 girls and 3 boys. It looks like we'll have 3 blues and 2 oranges, unless the Spot Fairy changes her mind. Parents are Streaker, GCh EvrSett Duck Naked and Inara, EvrSett Forever Firefly (major pointed, hopefully to finish her championship this summer!)

We are taking inquiries, however, we will not know who is available yet for a few weeks yet. I'll try to post pictures, but the best place to see updated pictures of the pups are on our Facebook Page

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1 Comment

ste maig
ste maig
Sep 13, 2023

English setter is a so adorable dog ... Many thanks , from France ; Normandy ; Caen ...

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